CV / Otto Krause

2007 - 2013 – Master of Arts with distinction in Stage and Film Design, Prof. Bernhard Kleber, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Since 2022 – Senior Lecturer, Scenography department, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2014 - 2022 – Univ. Lecturer, Scenography department, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Awards & Scholarships
2024 - BMKÖS International Studio Fellowship (Auslandsatelierstipendium) in Tokyo
2018 - Julian Turner's Turner Prize
2018 - H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance
2013 - Start-stipend of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
2011 - Adlmüller Scholarship of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Artist in Residence Programms
2018 - Blitz, Valletta, 4 weeks, project: Furrious
2018 - Life Long Burning Wild Card Residency Program, Workshop Foundation, Budapest, 2 weeks, project: Furrious
2012 - MPRA Program, Nastawnia Association, Poznań, 3 months, project: Esctopia

Artistic Work – Territorium KV (Concept / Stage / Costumes / Performance / Exhibition)
2024 - QAnus – performance & group exhibition Is Queer Political?, Queer Museum Vienna; Vienna Pride
2024 - 門 [Gate] – solo exhibition, Studio Gross, Tokyo
2022 - Furrious: Underwater – video, group exhibition Mob.Mobility, Aktionstag, Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Vienna
2022 - enclosed pleasure – performance, YUP Festival, Kunsthalle Osnabrück
2020 - Furrious – online group exhibition #JapanRevisited202x, Austrian Cultural Forum, Tokyo
2019 - Thoughtography – performance, Unstable Nights, Impulstanz, mumok Hofstallung, Vienna
2018 - Furrious – solo exhibition, Blitz, Valletta
2018 - Furrious – premiere & solo exhibition, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna
2018 - Furrious – work-in-progress presentation, Trafó Studio, Budapest
2017 - Watchdogs – performance, Raw Matters Large & Long, Arbeitsplatz Vienna
2017 - enclosed pleasure – performance, Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, Rhiz, Vienna
2016 - P.P.M. [Puzzled.Processed.Meshed.] – performance, Betwixt Festival, group exhibition ART & BYTES, ArtScience Museum, Singapore
2015 - Third Life Project – performance, WUK, Vienna
2015 - Behaviours That Puzzle – performance, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, group exhibition SPOT ON ME, Vienna
2015 - After This, Therefore Because of This – performance, Gibanica – 7th Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art, Ljubljana
2014 - After This, Therefore Because of This – performance, Platforma po platformi, Plesna izba, Maribor
2014 - enclosed pleasure – performance, Konichiwa, Bitches!, WUK, Vienna
2014 - Esctopia – performance, WUK Projektraum, Vienna
2013 - enclosed pleasure – performance and diploma exhibition, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2013 - After this, therefore because of this – performance, Feedback Festival (2nd Edition), Tanzquartier, Vienna; Brut, Vienna
2012 - Puppy has to suffer – performance and solo exhibition, University of Applied Arts, huf'ak: off space, Vienna
2012 - Esctopia – performance, Malta Festival, The Rootz, Poznan; Kiosk Festival, Žilina
2011 - EchoodH – performance, Trafo Gallery, Prague

Artistic Work – Stage and/or Costume Design in Performance, Theatre and Opera Productions
2024 - Posthuman Social Club – by andother stage & others; Costumes & Stage: Otto Krause; Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab, Vienna
2023 - La forza del destino – Director: Valentin Schwarz; Costume: Otto Krause; Staatstheater Kassel
2020 - That Rant and Rave – by Deborah Hazler; Costume: Otto Krause; brut @ V°T//Volx, Vienna
2020 - DEMO(KRATIE) – Director: Valentin Schwarz; Costume: Otto Krause; Staatsoper Stuttgart
2020 - Die Banditen – Director: Valentin Schwarz; Costume: Otto Krause; Staatsoperette Dresden
2020 - Rusalka – Director: Veit Güssow; Costume: Otto Krause; Opera Halle
2019 - Le Fleuve Dans Le Ventre – Director: Carina Riedl; Stage and Costume: Otto Krause; Institut Français, Kinshasa
2019 - and and – by Lisa Hinterreithner, Spatial Installation: Otto Krause; Tanzquartier, Vienna
2018 - Kaspar – Director: Carina Riedl; Costume: Otto Krause; Vorarlberger Landestheater Bregenz
2017 - Lulu – Director: Christoph Marthaler; Stage and Costume: Anna Viebrock; Costume co-creation: Otto Krause; State Opera Hamburg
2016 - I Puritani – Director and Dramaturge: Jossi Wieler, Sergio Morabito; Stage and Costume: Anna Viebrock; Costume co-creation: Otto Krause; Opera Stuttgart
2016 - Tosca – Director: Lukas Hemleb; Costumes: Otto Krause; Opera Kiel
2015 - Art Work Out – by Barbis Ruder; Stage installation: Otto Krause; WUK Museum, Vienna
2015 - In the Cold Light of Darkness Something’s Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly Piece of Shit – by Milan Loviška; Costume: Otto Krause; Imagetanz Festival, Brut, Vienna
2013 - Das Märchen vom alten Mann – Director: Cornelia Rainer; Costumes: Fiammetta Horvath & Otto Krause; Dschungel, Vienna
2012 - Losers Symphony – by Giovanni Jussi; Stage & Costume: Otto Krause; Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna
2012 - Stories – Wo alles beginnt - by Maria Spanring, Giovanni Jussi, Rotraud Kern; Stage & Costume: Otto Krause; Dschungel, Vienna
2012 - Single Room #2 – by Bärbel Strehlau; Costume: Otto Krause; Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna
2010 - Die Kluge – Director: Anna Bernreitner; Stage & Costume: Otto Krause; Neue Studiobühne, Vienna
2009 - Il Mondo della Luna – Costume: Otto Krause; Institut Antonio Salieri, Vienna
2009 - La Canterina – Directors: Julia Enzendorfer & Markus Tschubert; Costume: Otto Krause; Musikverein, Gläserner Saal, Vienna

Artistic Work – Set and/or Costume Design in Film Productions
2012 - Faust – directed by Sophie LUX
2012 - Bärenjagd in den Karparten – directed by Sophie LUX
2011 - Morphodite – directed by Sophie LUX
2011 - Hatch – directed by Christoph Kuschnig
2010 - A Bride From Pluto – directed by Sophie LUX
2009 - LPCR – directed by Sophie LUX

Artist Talks / Lectures / Research / Other
2022 - Die Menge der Dinge – exhibition concept & curation, Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Vienna
2020 - Furrious: Underwater – film screening, Art Walk Porty Arts Festival, Portobello, Edinburgh
2019 - Furrious: Underwater – film screening & talk, k48, Vienna
2018 - Furrious: Underwater – film screening & talk, Blitz, Valletta
2018 - Designing for Spectating and Participation – guest lecture, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2017 - Third Life Project: HIRO – artist talk, NODE Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt
2016 - Third Life Project – artist talk, International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2016, Hong Kong
2012 - The Audience, the Performer, the Myth and the Sidekick – lecture, Faculty of Social Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Publications / Catalogues
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Territorium KV

Otto Krause and Milan Loviška are undisciplinary artists with focus on performance, installation, video, painting, textiles, costume and stage design, and new technologies. In their queer artistic practice, which is deeply rooted in both research and experiment, they question established modes of perception and stimulate uncanny perspectives on the relationship between spectator and artist/performer. They work with unconventional methods and strategies and are inspired by cross-disciplinary research processes. Between aesthetic opulence and reduction arise physically intense, imaginative works conceptually combining the aspects of popular culture and science, such as gender studies, psychology, parapsychology, pornography, biology, new electronic media, religion, film studies, superhero comics or philosophy. With their performative investigations, the two artists make strong socio-political statements that are characterised by their unmistakable artistic aesthetics. Their performance-based projects range from big stage works to intimate one-on-one situations in gallery spaces.

The artists live in Vienna and present their work in galleries, venues, festivals and symposia in Europe and Asia, such as Queer Museum Vienna (performance & group exhibition, 2024), Studio Gross Tokyo (solo exhibition, 2024), YUP Festival/Kunsthalle Osnabrück (Performance, 2022), Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo (online group exhibition, 2020), Blitz Valletta (solo exhibition, 2018), Kunstraum Niederösterreich Vienna (performance & solo exhibition, 2018; performance & group exhibition, 2015), ArtScience Museum Singapore (performance & group exhibition, 2016), ISEA Hong Kong (artist talk, 2016), Biennale for Slovenian Contemporary Dance Ljubljana (performance, 2015), among others. In 2018 they were awarded the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance, the only prize for performance art in Austria.

Among their projects are - QAnus (premiere Queer Museum Vienna 2024); 門 [Gate] (premiere Studio Gross/Tokyo 2024); Thoughtography @ Unstable Nights (premiere Impulstanz, mumok Hofstallung/Vienna 2019); Furrious: Underwater (premiere Blitz/Valletta 2018); Furrious (premiere Kunstraum NÖ/Vienna 2018); Watchdogs (premiere Arbeitsplatz/Vienna 2017); P.P.M. (premiere Betwixt Festival/Singapore 2016); Third Life Project (premiere WUK/Vienna 2015); Behaviours That Puzzle (premiere Kunstraum NÖ/Vienna 2015); Esctopia (1st premiere Malta Festival/Poznań 2012/ 2nd premiere WUK/Vienna 2014); enclosed pleasure (premiere University of Applied Arts/ Vienna 2013); After This, Therefore Because of This (co-creation with Sebastijan Geč, premiere Tanzquartier/Vienna 2013); puppy has to suffer (premiere University of Applied Arts/ Vienna 2012); EchoodH (premiere Trafo Gallery/Prague 2011)

Territorium – Kunstverein manages the artistic work of Milan Loviška and Otto Krause. The association is registered in the central register (ZVR) of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior under the registration number (ZVR-Zahl) 578980851.

Milan Loviška